We Are Not Lazy

When you're embarrassed to let your kids have friends over that's when you know you still aren't there yet. It's still very uncomfortable. I feel the need to start making excuses and explain the reason why there's so many rooms of our home that look unusable. It isn't for lack of trying. It definitely isn't because I haven't worked countless hours on minimizing and downsizing and organizing. It's because this is where I'm at in my minimalist journey and this is where my motherhood is.

My life reminds me of that movie Monster House where the woman dies and her spirit takes over the house. Literally my life. This house is me. Or the inside of me. That monster in me that tries to make the buying of #allthethings make up for boredom or loneliness or just a lack of vision. You'd think all these projects would mean I was abounding in vision, but that's a different kind of vision.

The projects in and of themselves aren't a problem, it's the fact that I take on too many and I know I can't do them right now. Multitasking is just one way you can fail in many different areas of your life.

For the last 2 years I have been in this space of I don't know what to do with it. I can stand in a room and my desire is to downsize and get rid of it all and I literally stand paralyzed and my mind is just blank. Even now just thinking about that scenario my eye is twitching. Clutter stresses me out so much and I have put myself into a position to where I'm having to deal with my internal and external clutter and it is seriously debilitating. Maybe you have been there or are there right now with me?

The fact is the whole world is pointing it's finger at us Mother's telling us we need to have all the answers and many times throughout the day I have None of the answers. So where does that leave me? It's in advertisement, commercials, movies, TV shows, Media, Pinterest, Social Media, and now that I've been binge watching YouTube I see it there constantly. It's in those tag lines that so many YouTube mommy's use "Lazy mom" this or that as a catchy thumbnail tag line. And I sit there and look at that title and I get so offended. Why Moms? Why is it lazy to want to streamline your hectic life? Why is it lazy when everything on any given day could be hard to just want something to be easy for a change? And why for the love of God would you put that word on us? I get it, there are some truly lazy moms, but I'm not going to point my finger at someone and call them lazy for wanting something to make their life just a tiny bit easier so maybe they can put their focus on something more important. Don't be that person that uses a line just because it's popular and you'll get noticed more on YouTube. Don't add to the voice that says SAHMs just sit around doing nothing.

Why do we put so much pressure on ourselves and other moms to pretend like things are beautiful, simple, easy, picture perfect and generally just clean? It isn't like that. Maybe 1% of you are killing it in all of those departments and if you are I totally want your secrets, but the rest of us? We're struggling for reals. We're looking at it and thinking we must be either 1. Stupid that we can't figure out the secret to limitless mom power or 2. We're just lazy losers. And we're neither.

I keep thinking no one wants to watch me on camera because I can't even... like, I can't even pretend. I wouldn't know how to act that well. It isn't that my house is a disaster area (but, it mostly is) or that I am a hot mess (even though I totally am), but it's me thinking we've bought into that lie so deeply that I won't attract any audience because I'm not pretty enough. And I don't mean physically (although I really don't feel pretty most days either). I don't fit that criteria to be truly successful in Social Media lifestyle blogging. I'm not good at #allthethings and I don't have it all together. I am not sure how to cut and paste my life to make it look like that either.

I suppose this is more of a rant because I'm so tired of seeing those Tag lines, YouTube mommies can you PLEASE for the love stop using the "lazy mom" title?! We Are Not Lazy. We're TIRED, we're overwhelmed, we're drained, we're busy, there's about a thousand adjectives you could use to describe us but lazy isn't one of them.

Please and thank you.

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