The Lies We Want to Hear

The last few days I've noticed this trending on Facebook, this new book by Rachel Hollis called Girl, Wash Your Face. Full disclosure I have not read this book, I will not read this book. I followed Rachel Hollis years ago on social media, I was briefly in her Facebook group and I quickly smelled something foul. But that's not the real thing I want to talk about today, it's just ironic that it's all come up in conversation around me while something has been put on my heart and I've felt for a while now I needed to write about.

The lies we want to hear as mother's, as women, as human beings, as people that are hurt. You know them. The ones that excuse our behavior. That tell us it's OK to do things we know are really not OK.  I'm not just talking about swearing, or drinking alcohol, or watching movies that Jesus wouldn't watch. And yeah, you can definitely cuss, drink alcohol, and watch rated R movies and love Jesus. And I'm not even here to debate if you should do any of those things because in the end none of them will stop you from getting into Heaven and it's between you and God. However, if you feel bad about doing them and feel they're wrong and still do them, that's what I want to talk to you about. That feeling is called conviction and it's God's way of trying to grow you.

We all want someone to stroke our ego's and tell us it's ok, right? We're human. I see these messages shoot to popularity constantly, these voices that are possibly well meaning but full of the wrong message that millions buy into because it's exactly what we all want to hear. We all want to hear that it's fine to do things that are fudging the rules sometimes. You're binge watching amazon and ignoring your kids? We all do it. But is it a good use of our time? No, it isn't. And if you find it becoming a habit there's a word for that, sloth. I need to tell myself that more than anyone else and I have been. I've been feeling very convicted about how I choose to use my time while I'm at home.

And when I'm not being a good human in any of the other million ways I falter sometimes, it's not OK to pass it off. At some point someone needs to be the voice of reason, the voice of accountability, the person that cares enough to tell you that in the end your behavior should be pointing back towards Christ. Is it? We're all supposed to be about our Father's business, that means something different to each of us. Make sure we're not allowing ourselves to get caught up in burying the talents and squandering the gifts He's given us in this world.

But not all voices are ones we'll receive, are they? I know of a few voices in my life that for all the well meaning intentions will never ever be ones that I hear. God works in multiple ways and sometimes as Christians we have to learn to pray for those because maybe we won't be the voice that gets through, doesn't mean that the Holy Spirit won't do His work.

Here's another thing so many Christians falter with in this world with a million voices ready and willing to take your money to make you feel better, Do you know the voice of your Father if you hear it? What messages are you willing to soak in that are false doctrines? It's so easy to be complimented by some soft seductive verse, how attuned are you to the words of Christ so you'll know you're being deceived?

The only way you will know a falsehood when you hear it is if you already know the truth. Soak it in Christians, Mother's, Human beings, hurting people; the answers you're looking for to change your life are in the bible. You don't need a self help book to realize your full potential, you only need to know the one who gave it to you.

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