Prepare Your Soil

There is a very thin line between inspiration and discontent. You may not realize it, but more and more in the past couple of years I have put together 2 and 2 and had to be careful how much I allow myself to look up to other people on social media, or even people who's lives I'm just looking into from a distant window.

At one point I went through on Facebook and unfollowed and unliked every single page and business. I had to clear my Facebook feed of everything that at one point made me inspired because I would catch myself becoming depressed and discontent in my current situation. So, what used to bring me joy started to make me feel inferior, or just really incompetent. That's the trouble when water becomes stagnant, it changes from something fresh into something putrid. Tip: Don't drink that water.  

There are times in life when there is little you can do to control your situation. The best you can do is put on a smile and try to make your messy life as clean as you can, or at least appear as clean as you can. Sometimes you really do have to fake it until you make it. 1. No one wants to hear your problems and 2. Focusing on them sometimes just lets you wallow in the mire and then before long failure begets more failure because it becomes your mindset.

I have found myself in that state for a couple years now. Instead of being able to use my normal philosophy of working myself out of my problems, head down, focus and charge through it I had to just sort of pretend I was in a better place because there was little I could do to change it. I had to convince my mind that I was content. I know this sounds silly, but your mind is so powerful and if you allow your thoughts to control you, they will in fact start to control your situation as well. I don't want to sit in this spot and cry, so I will get up and tell myself there is a door or a window I can climb through.

The bible talks about taking control of your thoughts and I have 100% found this true in my life. Wherever your mind is, that's where you will travel to. So that makes me look behind me and realize I was not focusing on the right things obviously.

Not that bad things never happen to positive people. But that bad things don't have to last. They have their season, let's use that to our advantage.

I have to look at life as a garden, there are things you can do in each season to make sure you are successful and that you will sow the right seeds so you will in turn reap a bountiful harvest. In the bleakness of winter there are preparations you have to do to make your soil ready for planting in the spring. Though life sometimes feels like one long winter (Think never ending winter from Narnia) you must be faithful. All of these seasons have their own purpose in our lives.

So, recently I've been asking myself how can I prove myself faithful in these seasons? I know it feels like everything is dying off or becoming dormant for the winter, but there's still work being done under the soil that you can't see.

What will you choose to believe of yourself? Of your situation? God is working it out and I have seen the proof that He can turn a disaster into something fruitful, for those who love Him and trust Him.

It looks bad. Sometimes I definitely look bad, but then I think to myself, every season looks different. Not every season can look as fresh and colorful as Spring. And that's OK, because Spring isn't the time when you reap the benefits. Spring is when you do the planting and feel the growing pains. So, to you looking at someone else's garden you might look at them in Spring and think they've got everything together (maybe they do? But I doubt it), but come Summer or Fall if they haven't done their preparations and hard work with consistency their garden is going to look quite differently than it did in the Springtime.

Don't judge someones situation by a season. Or how about this, gardening is not a part time job. If I've learned one thing in my life of attempting to grow things and profit in some way from it (black thumb) it's that it requires a lot of knowledge, hard work, perseverance, and trial and error. It is not a get rich quick scheme. You can even buy your plants all ready for you from the store and they still require you to do a lot of work. Try gardening from seed, that's where most of us start out in life, the very beginning of everything. Your garden should take all your time to be successful. So the only reason you should look at anyone else's is if you want them to give you their knowledge so you can grow yours better. The rest of your time should be spent taking care of your soil, your plants, your harvest.

Do not be discontent if your life is looking like the sun is hiding behind the clouds. Get out there in the dirt and prepare your soil for seed.

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