New Skin

I wake up every morning and look in the mirror. You ever notice how crappy you look when you're still half asleep? I look at myself and feel so old. All that worn out skin just sitting there staring back at me. Since I was a teenager I have almost always religiously had a skin care routine of some sort in the mornings. I became a bit lax in the midst of motherhood, but I'm back at it with a simple charcoal moisturizing face soap. Sometimes I use Noxema, too, mostly because it tingles and that feels amazing in my opinion. But as I looked in the mirror while I was cleaning my face it occurred to me how amazing a simple wash can completely change the way your face looks and feels. I go from feeling aged to looking my actual age or even younger, maybe. Some hot water on a wash cloth and a good scrub and I'm back to square zero. Which is a good place to be, despite that sounding like a lack of accomplishment.

Square zero means you're starting fresh. You're right where you should be for a new day. You're not holding onto dead skin, dirt, etc from yesterday.

And the thought occurred to me that God works pretty much exactly the same way. Sometimes your life needs a good wash. Some hot water (a stressful situation for most of us), a scrub, and you can wipe away all that dirt that's been sitting there on you since yesterday or a bunch of yesterdays.

When you're in the midst of the washing, however, sometimes it doesn't feel so soothing. Often times it feels like you're being scalded and there are times when the water can get so hot you're sure your skin isn't going to make it out unscathed.

Do you know what happens when your skin goes through serious burns? They have to scrub all the dead skin off or it will become infected.

It's a process. Sometimes you have to have the trial by fire. Sometimes you have to walk through it and let him wash you clean. Let him scrub away whatever dead skin there is that's causing you to be sick (mentally, physically, or even situational sickness in life). In order for the new skin to grow you need to be willing to let the old skin wash away.

Today can be a new day fresh with no mistakes in it, if you let it.

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