My Hit List

Today I finally got something I've wanted, watched & prayed for. I'm sure you will think I'm ridiculous when I tell you it was a desk. Not just any desk, a secretary desk with hutch & original key to lock it all up.

You might be confused because I talk so much about minimal living. Sometimes I get mixed feelings when I think about buying something new, too. Sometimes it makes me feel guilty that I'm bringing something into my home after all my work to take things out. But we're still living life, right? Things will morph and what you need and use is constantly changing. My husband has this attitude that if I ever get rid of anything then it was always worthless, but if I've been using it for years it wasn't worthless, it was useful when I was in that season.

I love furniture. It's something that I will always probably shed like skin. I love to buy it, refinish it (sometimes), use it, style my room up fresh and then maybe a few years down the road rehome it to someone else. He thinks I'm weird.

Before you call me crazy, I'm not out there spending a ton of money on brand new furniture and then getting rid of it in 6 months. I'm a thrifter, a garage saler, a craigslist & facebook group kind of buyer. I spent a small portion of what these items were new and generally end up getting more for it when I'm done with it than I paid for it. And I never buy junk. Or try to never buy junk, there have been a piece or two that slipped through my radar. But that's OK, it's bound to happen.

This secretary is epic. It's beautiful, stately, and in great shape. Also, did I mention the skeleton key? I can put all my office stuff in there and lock it up and my kids can't get into it. That makes this secretary gold.

But I am downsizing and trying to live a minimal life so this means that since something large came into my house I now have to let something go, or a few somethings. This is easy because I've already gotten the wild idea to completely move everything around in my living room which means I have to get rid of some of the bulk to be able to do that freely. I have this hutch, solid wood, gorgeous, heavy beast of a piece that's holding our TV etc. I love it, but it's giant. You could climb through it into Narnia, no joke. Although saying that makes me want to keep it. But it's that or the piano and we all know I'm not getting rid of the piano. And more and more I have the desire to remove the TV from our living room. I'm torn with the convenience of watching YouTube cleaning while I clean on it and putting it downstairs and inevitably have it mean less of us watching TV.

This might be one of those things that stings a little to get rid of because I do still love it. It's definitely got a use in our house. But this is how it is when you want change. You have to be willing to accept change. Seems logical.

I know one of the first ways I forced myself into really downsizing was to get rid of a piece of furniture that was housing a bunch of stuff. Then I had all this displaced stuff and I needed to find it all homes or get rid of it. Ideally it should be the other way around, you empty it then sell it, but I've never been a normal kind of gal.

Here's the thing, I could easily excuse myself from getting rid of it for many reasons, some listed above, but what it comes down to is the domino effect. I want a dining room, right now the dining room is an office/storage room. If I eventually want a dining room, I have to make room in the living room for my desk. It's just the way it is.

I want less. Less everywhere. Less bulk. Less heavy. Less attachment. Less obligation. Less guilt.

Because I want more. More time with my kids. More space to move around. More light & air. More freedom to make a mess because it will be quick to clean it up.

You have to define what you want in words to really capture your imagination and to live your life in terms your mind can see and in turn inspire you to follow through.

It isn't that you don't love these things you're shedding. It's that you love something else more. And that's what I'm going to focus on as I make my hit list. 

I have a very long hit list in my mind, but this one I'm making right now is specifically for furniture items. And it will grow because I'm on a kick right now and I'm riding the wave straight to the home in my head.

If you're not like me and you don't need to keep your eyes focused on the prize and immerse yourself into something to see it through then you probably won't find one of these lists very helpful. But if you are like me and find your convictions wane when you wake up in the morning, making this kind of list might be your life saver.

Here's how I made mine:

  1. Think of the room you're in. 
  2. Think what you want it to look like. 
  3. Make a list of all the furniture in that room.
  4. Each wall can only hold so much stuff, decide which pieces work and which do not. 
  5. Do this for each wall in the room. 
  6. Whatever pieces of furniture are left that have no place, that's your hit list. 
  7. Either find them a home in your house somewhere else, or find them a new home altogether. 

It's that simple. Letting go has to be a conscious decision.

What made it on your hit list? Which pieces were saved to live another day? Do you think this kind of list will help you get where you want to be? Let me know in the comments!

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