I Hate TV

You know something I've noticed about people who become truly successful? -- They either don't own a TV or don't waste time watching it. As much as I love YouTube, I sometimes wonder if having the ability to always depend on someone else's inspiration handicaps our need to think for ourselves and be anything but a copy-cat. They say that necessity is the mother of all invention, if having to work out your problems isn't a necessity we won't be forced to practice the process.

Process is one of those dying things in this day and age, I feel. The passing of the torch has kind of died off. We aren't teaching process to our children and therefore they aren't using processes in their lives to problem solve. Your brain needs exercise, too. Problem solving is a learned trait, a habit. I'm fairly certain Charlotte Mason has said something to that extent in her writings.

It was very inspiring to learn that even Chip and Joanna had really rough financial patches where they didn't know if they were going to make it. And to see them make it to where they are, gives hope. They do not own a TV. Between business and Family they don't have time to waste on it. My heart desires that kind of household lifestyle, it always has. The simple things, the necessity of being drawn together because there is nothing else. Even if in the beginning it's a forced thing, it becomes life with time. I'd be OK with that. It's a worthwhile trade off.

The majority of parents these days are uninvolved, they're not actually present in their children's lives. And though I spend the majority of my time with my kids I'd have to sadly say it's easy to fall into the habit of being everything else: Cook, Maid, Accountant, etc. All the roles required to maintain a household take hold of your time and your life and if you're deep in the armpit of minimizing your possessions to help alleviate some of the time being sucked in by that vacuum that just adds one more time consuming role.

Why do we even need TV & other electronic devices? Honestly if it was strictly my choice we wouldn't have any because I know how easy it is to get sucked in. To me, if you know you're an alcoholic you stay away from alcohol. If you know you struggling with being addicted to the use of electronics, the best way to help yourselves is to eliminate them from your life as much as possible. Especially when your life puts them directly in your path regularly, be it career or simply because you live in a secluded area and don't have a lot of other options for things to keep your kids busy. For instance, if we lived next to the beach we would never be in the house and electronics wouldn't stand a chance because all 5 of us thrive on warm beachy outdoor time.

In an attempt to solve my problems I moved the TV out of the living room. I didn't want the TV to be the center of all attention whenever we're sitting in the living room with guests. But now we spend all our time in our bedroom instead of the living room, so it really hasn't solved much except the aesthetics of the living room space.

And as it is that space still just sits empty. I'm not sure how to move the rest of the room around to make up for the lack of the usual attention spot. I also have this desire to just throw everything out and start over again, everywhere. I've spent so many years just fixing things that I'm sick to death of it. Having been a mother now for the last decade and married for the last 11 years all I see now when I look at my life is problems that need fixed. It's hard not to become fixated with them because admittedly there are a lot you have to deal with when you're the one in charge of everything. But this whole electronics addiction that we're dealing with in this household has nudged it's way to the top of my list now.

Electronics have contributed to every behavior issue we deal with now, including mine when I have to yell the same name 50 times before I get someone to notice me. We've taken them away, done fasts, and even tried to enforce the no electronics until school is done. All have been perilous attempts to weed out the undergrowth. And it's still their first thought when they wake up in the morning. Our life must be that boring.

They have toys. They have art supplies. They have bikes & other ride ons. They have a trampoline and play gym out in the back yard. They even have a dog they can play with. They were involved in soccer & have other social engagements etc. So, why do electronics become such a holy grail?

I haven't got the answer, it's still something we're working on. Maybe you've dealt with this issue and can give me some advice?

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