He Will Equip You

Sometimes what comes naturally is panic, anxiety, confusion, and basically all kinds of unhealthy impulse emotions. We live in a fallen world, it's broken and because of that we're broken; or maybe it's the other way around. We are symbiotic with the earth we live on/in, so what we put into it is generally what we get out.

Our thoughts are pretty important and ultimately will decide if we're successful in life or if we're stuck in the eddy just wishing and hoping that someday something will fall in your lap. But even with positive thoughts, if you just sit there in life without effort and being in motion you will accomplish very little -- while being content. Being content is an ultimate goal in life, but without motion you are still basically just a pretty decoration.

Take control of your thoughts. Don't allow yourself to drift off into pity parties, as tempting as it is. Some days I let myself just sit there mentally, more of a rest period because it is exhausting to be in control and be commanding yourself to find the joy and find the steps you're needing to take next. Sometimes you are so immersed in the solution that you need to come up for air. And some days I just let myself breathe.

I let the house go. I let the school go. I let the kids entertain themselves and require very little from them. We all kind of just drift like jelly fish. I do, however, feel guilty for taking these days. But I shouldn't. I more than do my share in life for this family and I know every mama out there does. We're fighters for our families. Always trying to solve the problems that seem to crop up everywhere like weeds, they grow faster than solutions. So, take the day.

We demolish arguments... The world will try to give you arguments, all the reasons why you can't do what you want to do. #AllTheReasons why you can't succeed, or soar above expectations. They will argue with you until your spirit is broken if you allow them to get that word into your life, heart, and mind. But God's word says otherwise to us. Which is ultimately why it is so important to look at what God is speaking to you in the bible. I know whenever I feel overwhelmed and begin to feel anxious I just need to find that one verse where I just know He's telling me something. Just one verse is all it takes to reinvigorate you to demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God. 

Know what God is saying to you. How will you know? Here's a good question to ask yourself when you're wondering, Are you even asking Him? Are you seeking Him? Which means, Are you paying attention to Him if He were even to try to speak to you? Or are you preoccupied trying to fix your problems yourself? Are you preoccupied panicking? Are you preoccupied arguing with the world?

Seek. Him. First. That's really all that needs to be said. How can you have a conversation with someone if your mind is elsewhere, your face is staring intently elsewhere, your eyes aren't even locked on theirs? You can't. There is no way when God finishes talking to you will you even know what He said to you if He were to try. I'm going to assume that God hates repeating himself just like I do. So, the second time He tries to tell you He may yell or let something smack you in the face to get your attention. So, pay attention.

#AllTheseThings will be added unto you.

Not subtracted, but added. So, don't expect your troubles to disappear, just know He will equip you.

Any one thing God asks of you He will first make sure you can succeed. He doesn't require you to step outside of your comfort zone, walk out onto that ledge in faith, to let you fall flat and fail. Maybe you just don't know what success looks like? Maybe you don't know what failure actually is? Just believe that He is there giving you exactly what you need to do the job that He's asked of you. 

Recap: Give yourself a day to breathe if you're overwhelmed, open up your bible and ask God to tell you which direction to go, Listen, then put on your armor and get ready to demolish the arguments against you. 

I know you can. 

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