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I got straight to business this morning on my hit list, if you don't know what I'm talking about you can see that post here. I was excited to start moving forward in my effort to downsize these next rooms, my small dining area and the office/dining room. Both are off my kitchen and are fairly cluttered at the moment since downsizing sometimes has the effect similar to a tube of toothpaste, the more you squeeze out of other areas the more that comes down and into others. So, this one area was a huge one that has been affected by this squeezing.

But standing there cleaning I just felt affirmation from God that this is exactly what he wants me to be doing right now, I'm on the right pathway. I was cleaning off a table and steam cleaning our dining room chairs and I heard Him say to me again, "Clean like you're moving".

God expects us to live by walking in faith in the direction we're wanting to go. If you want a nice job, you have to dress for it and have the attitude of that position. That is what I'm doing. I'm dressing my house for the position God wants to put us in. I've been wanting to move since almost immediately after we bought this house and moved in and I started to realize exactly what we'd gotten ourselves into. It hasn't been a good fit in any sense of the word really and sometimes you realize after you make a big decision that you really didn't put the time into allowing God to speak to you or work. Just because things work out doesn't mean it was blessed by Him. He just allows us to go in the direction we want to sometimes and let's us figure it out on our own.

I believe that God will give affirmations to you when you're walking in the right direction. Sometimes God is hard to hear and I kind of feel like that's the static of the world getting in the way, or our own desires, we have to keep walking around trying to get a direct connection with Him to know we're going in the right direction.

I'm not sure of tomorrow, I don't even know what we'd do after we prepare this home to move. All I know is this is the step He's asking me, telling me, to make right now.

We all say we want to let it go, but do we actually act on it? Or are we just saying words hoping
Mary Poppins will show up and snap her fingers? You all know I would be more than happy and readily willing to snap my fingers if it would make #AllTheWork disappear. But then how quickly would I get myself right back in this situation? It's a process for a reason, I'm in training.

They are like trees planted along the riverbank, bearing fruit each season.Their leaves never wither,  and they prosper in all they do. 
Psalm 1:3

I want to prosper in all I do. That verse makes it sound so serene. I sometimes do feel very withered and as though I'm not producing any fruit though I labor pretty heavily. Ever since I heard Him tell me to purge like I'm moving I have been working towards this goal. It's actually a great motivating tool to use for yourself. Ask the question, If I was moving tomorrow, what would I want to pack to take with? Look around your house. I am almost guaranteeing there is a ton of stuff you would not want to pack into a box, lug into a moving vehicle, and unpack into a new house. You may not be moving, you may not ever want to move, but it kind of gives you a bit of a realistic idea of things that aren't worth it to you. If they aren't worth it, why are they still around? Do you think you can't live without it right now?

I'm constantly amazed at what I can live without until God provides what I need. The problem is we often try to provide things for ourselves, which is why we end up with debt. God never said He would provide things on your timeline. Sometimes he asks you to work towards a goal and to trust in Him. Like Abraham willing to sacrifice his son, God wants to see if you'll actually be willing to suffer to follow Him. Pick up your cross and follow Him. Do the labor.

It isn't always easy what is asked of us, but I guarantee it is completely worth it in the end if we follow Him and are in His path where we can be blessed.

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