Better Than Perfect

This week has been filled to the brim of tasks, habit training (for myself mostly), school preparations, insurance claims (we had an epic hail storm, I posted a video of it on my Instagram), pool time, and a few projects in between it all filling in the cracks.

One of the projects was two dresses my Mom was going to make for my daughters whose birthdays were this past month. She brought the fabric over and had me get out the sewing machine that has been sitting dormant in my house for the last 2+ years in it's box gathering layers of dust that are now more of a permanent clay mask. I've personally never used it in the last 17 years we've owned it, my mom and I split the price tag of it and said we both wanted to learn to sew. It is the most basic of brother sewing machines, nothing fancy, I think it cost us $65 between the two of us brand new at Wal-Mart. Her project quickly became my project, as those things often go. I did what I could with my eldest daughters dress and by the time that was done our time was up to work on it.

While the sewing machine was out I thought I might as well hem my curtains which I'd taken down to wash and were sitting there waiting for me to put back up. They've been waiting over a year since we bought them from IKEA for me to hem them since they're about 6 inches too long and drag horribly on the floor gathering all kinds of dust, food, hair, etc. Plus, they cover the air vents which is no bueno. So, I found myself in the thick of curtain hemming (first I hemmed our bathroom shower curtains, we have 4 sewn together to look like drapes and I love it). My aching back and I learned quickly to hate cheap white thread that breaks constantly, changing and loading bobbins, and when you keep sewing and forget to look if you've run out of thread until the entire project was sewn and then realize only like 3 inches was actually sewn and have to start all over. Good lessons learned quickly. As I was sitting there sewing the 4th or 5th curtain I thought to myself how I'm a perfectionist but even I was not concerned with these hems being perfect. A couple years ago this would have bugged me, but now I realize a done job is better than a job I'm procrastinating at because I'm afraid I won't be able to finish it perfectly. Or done is better than perfect.

Life comes with so many projects. So many things that demand our attention. So many tasks, responsibilities, and requirements that by the time it gets down to dreams and hobbies we haven't much left to give of ourselves. Out of necessity something has to give. I was hemming a curtain and doing my best, but it wasn't going to be perfect because my knowledge and expertise was extremely limited but that's OK. Because I'm not after perfection, but function.

And guess what? My curtains are all hemmed beautifully and they look beautiful despite some hems being off kilter.

I've been literally putting off opening up that sewing machine box for over a decade because I was afraid my skills wouldn't match up to my expectations for myself. It's taken me almost half my life so far to just try something and take the time to realize I can start now. It's OK if I can't do it all, I can do something.

Is there something you've been putting off because you feel like you won't be good enough at it? Or you think you don't have the time to do it? I guarantee if you just do it you'll be amazed at how capable you actually really are.

It's not about perfect. It's about learning and doing whatever you do for the Lord.

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