Aspiring Minimalist

I aim for minimalism, but I often fall short. I'm an aspiring minimalist. If you walked into my house you would not think minimalist. You would think hoarder, pig sty, lived in, etc, pretty much anything but minimalist. In fact, you might laugh at me if I told you I wanted to be minimalist. And I wouldn't blame you, because I often wake up and laugh at myself. Less laughter, more frustration though.

I don't mind a lived in house, that's how it's always going to be and should be. It's the difference between lived in and 3x the amount of possessions you should own and then everything thrown around or set down in random spots. I know this is America's normal because I've seen it in almost every house I've ever walked in. But some of us have that thought in the back of our mind that it's ok for other people's houses to look like that, but not mine, right? That's how I feel at least. I'm not judging anyone when I walk through their door and it's lived in or messy.

My biggest inspiration comes when I look through my finely tuned Pinterest feed and see all that white space. You know what I'm talking about, the photos people swear aren't reality. They surely aren't my reality, yet, but they will be. Maybe you don't like all the white space, that's totally OK. A few months ago even I would of told you I liked my quirky style and I still do, but it begins to feel like the walls are closing in on you the longer you go this road. Needless things around you kind of stare at you, or maybe I'm just crazy? It's probable.

I search YouTube for minimalist "How To" videos and I have seen a few sprinkled here and there, I take the good advice and leave the rest. There was one small piece of advice that kind of changed my life, or I'm hoping it will, with the toys area. If you've read any of my other posts you know that toys are my white whale, I am Captain Ahab and they are my Moby Dick. It's that Epic in my mind. So, the idea was to box up all the toys you don't want out and put them in storage, which seems like common sense but I totally hadn't considered doing this. I usually like to just deal with it now, but there's many toys we intend on selling (seriously 50% of our toys at least are in the sell pile right now) and it's such an overwhelming amount and I have zero time for a garage sale right now that it's just sitting there Mount Garage Sale Pile in the middle of their play area.

Here's the video if you want to see it...

My biggest problem is I CAN'T TAKE CONTROL. Largest prayer request on my list at the moment is for God to help me take control of my household because I am responsible for it. We mother's, whether we're stay at home or work out of home, we're responsible to run our household and raise our children. Many days I feel like I've set my children on a course and launched them like a ship.  But you say, Isn't that what we're supposed to do? Yes and no. Yes, we are to train our children up to be self sufficient beings. No, we're not supposed to forget to cook a meal or at least offer your kids one because you don't get hunger pangs anymore and forget about food. I feel like I still need a parent to parent me! Ever feel that way?

If I show you my journey, the intimate insides of it, please don't confuse my pep talks with me thinking I've somehow arrived. Minimalism isn't somewhere to arrive, it's a lifestyle change, a serious mindset shift and it requires lots of practice with trials and error. It's also like onions, it makes you cry and it stinks, and also the layer thing. You will find you outgrow a layer and get to move on to a more sleeker version of yourself, slimmer if you will. But it takes time and not every layer comes off in the same time frame, some don't just slip off either; some you have to rip off like a band-aid. But every level you're in is the level that will get you to the end. Don't be discouraged if you look around your house and you're constantly amazed at just how many possessions you own.  Possession is 5/10 of the law of you have the right to get rid of it if you want. If you own it, you can disown it. All you have to do is decide to.

So, tomorrow I will wake up to a new day. Maybe I won't be in a new level. Maybe I'll just be doing my homework from the level I'm currently in. Or maybe I will wake up and skip through 3 levels before lunch and be able to pat myself on the back. Those are important moments, don't forget to pat yourself on the back. Lord knows not many other people will in your life. Not many other people get as excited as you do that you took 4 trailers of trash and random crap from your back yard to the burn pile last week. Although I will guarantee you when you reach that level of minimalism when they do start to notice they will be intrigued by the idea, interested in your story, and jealous of your progress. I mean, it's all for your sanity and happy life, but those other things are nice cherries on top, right?

Love where you're at, it's your life. Actual life you're living and breathing and it counts. Allow yourself to be an aspiring anything, everything. We all need goals to grow towards.

PS. The Minimalist Mom also has a great video about downsizing your kids wardrobe, too. You're Welcome ;)

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