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Welcome to my Minimalist Journey, Day 2,507 (I have really no idea how long it's been, I'm just guestimating by how long it feels it's been).

Some days it feels like I make no progress, or I go backwards like fifty steps (thrift store shopping is seriously a favorite and a big weakness for me, pray for me). But then there's other days when I can just see the light in the back of the tunnel.

I know everyone tries to tell you that there is no finite when it comes to minimalism because it's a lifestyle, it's a daily choice, it's a habit, but I still feel like it's something to reach. Like I'll run across the finish line and scream I'M FINALLY DONE! And honestly I feel like, yes, there is a finish line, especially for people like me who have a set goal in mind. I will never be done minimizing, but I will reach a point in my life where I won't feel like I'm drowning anymore and that is what I'm working towards.

So, one of the biggest goals I've been working towards (besides my entire house) is our back yard. We have this car port that is virtually useless for us because who is going to drive around their entire house to park in the back yard in a pile of dirt? No one I know. So, it's just been sitting there being storage for #AllTheThings that actually really no one needs to have. You can't store nice things in a car port and keep them nice, especially when said things are available to your children to get into and destroy. And destroy them they most certainly did. It's not closed up, it's not paved, it's just a roof over a giant mass of dirt. #POINTLESS

It has been my goal for the last year to clean the entire thing out, sell the car port (five years in the making), move the play set, buy a storage shed (we do have tools and a lawn mower that need housed), and BUILD a deck so we can actually USE our back yard. Oh yeah, and plant grass because we currently have a yard of weeds holding hands.

Here's a photo of our car port to start out..

Sure I had plenty of good reasons to have it full of stuff, but it was mostly because of foolish optimism. Seems to be a theme in my life.

Just a big pile of headache is what I see when I look at that photo. And anxiety. Let's not ever forget the anxiety holding onto stuff causes.

Here's where we're at right now...

It feels amazing to look at that because it was a lot of sweat and tears, minimal blood spillage. It's just a big bunch of dead weight you're carrying around and maybe you don't even realize it, but it's heavy and it's so unnecessary. 

Nobody needs it. I promise you. We didn't need any of that stuff. In fact, thrift stores didn't even need it. Most of it was destroyed from water damage because that car port protects literally nothing but bugs from inclement weather. 

Here's the last few straggling items we have left to donate...

Thrift store load -- some old lockers and random pieces that I was going to repurpose. 

Last few items for the thrift store waiting to be loaded on the trailer. 

Then we decided while we were at it we'd clean up the front. So, here's a photo of our current trailer load for the thrift store. 

I feel like dancing. This is the 4th trailer full. Honestly if we had the money to afford a dumpster we could have easily filled it a couple times over. Thankfully we're able to borrow this trailer so we can get down to business. (To defeat the huns! I know I wasn't the only one singing that in my head). 

Here's one of the last trash runs in the trailer... 

Sometimes when you see something in a burn pile the sheer mass gets lost. It was a massive amount of stuff we got rid of. 

It's addictive, I'm serious. Even now I'm still riding the high and thinking to myself what else can I get rid of? I see stuff everywhere and I'm like, We don't need that! and I chuck it into the trash or a give away bag. 

Let. It. Go. 

View #1 of our burn pile.

View #2 of our burn pile. 

Burn, baby burn! (Disco inferno! Yah, I was singing that in my head, too). 

We had a large wood pile for projects in the car port and it was sad for me to trash it, but several days ago I had gone outside after seeing a large group of birds swooping down in our back yard and noticed a large amount of termites flying out of our car port and so I just didn't want to chance keeping any of it. Termites are no joke, last thing we need is a termite infestation in our house. 

Another friend we found while cleaning out the car port was this lovely lady...

And if you don't know her name, she's a black widow. And it isn't the first one I've found out there either. Reason 1,200,347 to get rid of #AllTheThings. I don't want to die and I don't want my kids to die. Males aren't as venomous, but female bites can kill you, especially if you're a little kid. 
She was just hanging out in a crate of my kids swim floaties. 

So, this is my current progress and was my latest adventure. Don't go away there will definitely be more to come... 

Tell me about your journey. Did you recently get rid of something that was hard for you? A couple years ago I couldn't let go of any of this stuff because of it's potential and it took a long arduous journey to be able to open myself up to letting it all go. Don't discount your emotions because they're the reason you're where you're at. 

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